Beautiful recitation


This really is a ‘must hear’ recitation, masha’Allah Tabaarak Allah! Sheikh Adil Kalbani is the imam of the mosque my husband usually goes to for Taraweeh but at some point in the month the sheikh went to Makkah where he was leading some of the Taraweeh prayers. Sheikh Khaalid Al-Jaleel took over in the sheikh’s absence. We bought the, thus far, only available cd with his recitation and we are both hooked! Thanks to the beauty of the internet I have managed to find out that Sheikh Khaalid Al-Jaleel prays at the Masjid Al-Khayr in Riyadh so insha’Allah my husband can visit that mosque and *if* (read previous post, grrr!) there is a ladies’ section I can also go insha’Allah!

Do click on the videos below and listen. You won’t be disappointed. The surah being recited is Surah Ibrahim and it is in two parts, hence two videos.

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  1. Salam,

    Umm Ibrahim I was really meaning to email you with regards to this wonderful Imam and Shaykh Adil Al-Kalbany, since I heard him lead the Taraweeh on the 6th of Ramadhan 1429, but just did have the chance.
    We did hear that he resides in Riyadh so I thought you may give us some info about him…..
    Alhamdulillah it seems as if you read my mind.


  2. sorry typing error, i DIDN’T have the chance to email…

    We all just love the way Shaykh Kalbany recites .
    Oh your Masjid had such a good replacement, he recites so beautifully too.


  3. as salamu alaykum,

    ok now I have some doubts :( I thought Shaikh Kalbani was the other new one in leading taraweeh…u know the one with a very strong voice? … at the beginning I didn’t really like his “sound” astaghfirullah, then I started to love his pronunciation of the arabic mash’Allah! :D
    Does anybody know his name then?

    PS: I’ll have a quick look on youtube insh’Allah

  4. Assalaamu alaikum,

    You’re right sis! Read again. ;) The imam in the recitation I have posted is Khaalid Al-Jaleel, he was the replacement for Kalbani while Kalbani was in Makkah. They are both Riyadh imams from different masjids.

  5. Walaykum Salam wa Rahmatullah

    Yeah i think so too, but someone shouldn’t say fools seldom disagree… haha
    We aren’t because this concerns the Aa’imma of the Haramyn Shareefayn, right?

    My fave recitor in Makkah Al-Mukarramah is Shaykh Mahir bin Hammad Al-Muayqily….

    All the Imaams of the Haramayn are UNIQUE !


  6. Hee hee, sorry about the confusion UmAlMujahid!

    Rayyan: I love the recitation of this new imam (Khaalid Al-Jaleel) but the recitation of AbdurRahman Sudais will always stay with me as his was the first recitation of Qur’an I ever heard (on tape).

  7. MashaAllah, very beautiful…refreshed me from my melancholy, if only briefly. JazakAllah khair.

    I feel the same way about Saad al-Ghamdi, the first recitation I ever heard, I literally had goosebumps listening. I often play Shaykh Sudais in the house as well. I use Shaykh Ahmed bin Ali al-Ajmi to correct my tajweed, I find him very clear.

  8. salamu alaikum,

    could anyone please tell me where exactly is masjid al khair in riyadh (the masjid where khalid jaleed leads) ? I’m desperately trying to find out but no success so far.

  9. Assalaamu alaikum,

    WM: Sudais has a wonderful qira masha’Allah Tabaarak Allah.

    Aliyah: Alhamdu Lillah. :)

    Ameena: Glad you think so too!

    Saaqib: My husband has been trying to find out for a while too! The masjid looks huge so I don’t understand how it can be so difficult, lol. He bought a cd of this imam’s recitation at Owais last year and was told that the imam leads prayer at a masjid off exit 2 (Northern Highway I guess)… my husband hasn’t actually been able to find exit 2 which also sounds bizarre. I think he found himself near Le Mall (Carrefour) which he said is exit 3 or something like that and there seemed to be no exit 2. :? We are also on a quest to find this masjid insha’Allah!

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  11. Salaams, I just wanted to know where you got khalid Al-Jileel’s cd? I have been looking all over for it! Masha’Allah he is AMAZING!!

  12. Alaikum salaam, We bought it outside the masjid where he leads the prayer! I think he does not have full ijaza yet so the cd’s are not widely available. Only a few surahs have been recorded onto CD so far.

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